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I wish I were…

…something other than cute.   It’s funny I am a girl that is in the upper percentile of girls in this world when it comes to looks.  I am not bragging or boasting because honestly I am in the average category or at least that is how I see myself based on the things I do in my life.  But once I hit a mall or amuesment park I realize i am so so so so more than average.  Quite frankly it doesn’t matter.  In a world of beauty to be thought of as cute can at times be less than ideal.   I know it’s like a rich man crying poverty when he has to stay at a Marriot but just once I wish a man would say you are so pretty or beautiful, or something other than cute.  In the grand scheme it is a problem many girls wish they had and it means absolutely nothing.  I see it as a reminder of perception.


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I have been without some of my…

music as of late.  I won’t go into the details but basically I had to leave my cd collection with someone in the hopes that it would be forwarded to me.  (In what I hope is the very near future.)  Now as a result I have wandered through the library and grabbed random cds in hopes that I would discover some little known (at least to me) artist.  I found one.  Not a little known artist quite the contrary.  I stumbled upon Charlie Parker.  I like jazz or should I say liked with an -ed.   But if my intoduction had been to Mr.  Parker I have a feeling I would have plunged head first into a serious jazz education.  Because I love Charlie Parker. 

 Now I have no idea where to start my new need for knowledge.  I mean the feelings available within his music are almost palpable.  I have a feeling I will have to wander through some leafy tasteless tunes to find a musical meal as tasty and fulfilling. 

Any suggestions? Appetizer, meal, dessert or after dinner drink?

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Let’s dish…

I found the best site to track your calorie consumption and expenditure.  So far in just 5 weeks I have lost 10 pounds. If you know me you are aware that I didn’t have that many to lose.  So basically what I am suggesting is that it is a tool that anyone and everyone can use.  I went from 127 to 117.  This little tool has really opened my eyes to problems in what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. 

I was wrong way wrong.  I was not living a life of excess but I also obviously needed some help.  So I thank you The Daily Plate for showing me my faults and assisting me in banishing them for what I hope is forever!

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What on earth…

could be more boring than my life right now you ask.  Well, I’ll tell you…not much.  While that doesn’t leave me with much to share it doesn’t leave me with a great sense of sadness.  Often in life taking a moment to simply step back and realize that you don’t require big to dos or excitement is enough.  Maybe not enough to share with people.  People who don’t know you especially.  But I for one don’t feel any remorse for being at one with my simplicity and loneliness.  One can be alone and be in a room full of people.  So I am not alone I am one with myself and glad to be there for I am pretty fabulous company if I do say so myself!

 So I have promised myself a daily post if for no other reason than to keep the writing skills or lack there of from becoming dusty!

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