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Doing my part….

Forbes comes out with lists on assorted topics of the top such and such of such and such on a regular basis.  The latest to come out is the drunkest cities in America. 

The apparently inebriated city that I live in, Cleveland, Ohio, made the list of most intoxicated at #7.  Those cities that happened to come in ahead of this even with me and merry band of friends have done our part are:Warehouse District Cleveland

  1. Milwalkee

  2. Mineapolis St. Paul

  3. Columbus

  4. Boston

  5. Austin

  6. and Chicago

Keep on trying my fellow Clevelanders I know with a little work we can put ourselves in a self induced coma!  We’re just not trying hard enough.


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I hated it then…

…so I am sure I would absolutely despise it now.  While perusing the web I  became lost as one often does and I stumbled on a news story, that led to a local advertisement which finally dropped me off at the world association for the new favorite American adult pastime (their words not mine) for kickball.  Yep that’s right you did in fact hear me say kickball.  I hated that little game where the big rubber ball came hurdling at me and I was forced to run in the hopes that I didn’t let down my team and get the big blue bruise and welt that came from being hit and called out.  When you are the geeky quiet girl the last thing you want is to let down all the girls on your team because you just want to fit in and you don’t want to let the boys down because if you could just be good at this one little thing they would have a reason to like you especially since there aren’t many reasons based on looks or friends.  So yes I would hate that feeling now to the point of complete disdain.  Who needs that junior high feeling of self loathing when you have outgrown it and aren’t forced to feel it or anything like it any longer.  It’s supposed to be the perk of growing up and being independent.  Yeah I know I am supposed to be a self sufficient, self motivated, self actualized, self assured female who out grew the geeky quiet girl she once was.  Oh and I have.  I have blossomed but every now and then that little feeling creeps back in and a big reminder would be that of the one where you participate in a group activity that was fun for everyone but you because to you it was like shear and utter torture.  Now if you were one of them (the one’s who loved it) go here check it out relive that junior high feeling…The WAKA!

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And the award goes to…

Television Without Pity’s Tubey Award results:

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Best Performance by an Inanimate Object: Franklin, Arrested Development
Best Cast: Arrested Development
Show with Best Writing: Arrested Development

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Yup that’s me…

I am one of your annoying friends.  The one in the group that has to spoil the fun.  Everyone is excited everyone sets a date a time and a place to see a movie and then I have to pipe in and ruin it with “but it’s based on a book and I haven’t read it yet”.  That’s me the girl who has to read what the author actually intended before Hollywood steps in and wipes it’s greedy Americana picture perfect postcard feet all over it.  I like to know while I am watching that the love story woven within was made up and never part of the true and intended story.  I like to know that they cut out important philisophical points to make it easier for the masses to understand.  And I like to know that above all else unlike most people in the theater seated around me that it actually was a book first.  You know before I read the “based on” line that appears before me once the picture has begun.

The point of this short rant  is that I am dying to see the movie A Scanner Darkly recently released.  I have  a need to see anything that has Richard Linklater involved.  But of course I have to read the book by Philip K. Dick first.  I am right now about halfway through and so far I love it and am hoping that I am not to be disappointed come Sunday.In the book in a passage I just completed a drugged out law sidestepping individual poses a question that at first I found amusing and then I actually pondered.  Religion aside it’s an interesting question.  “Do you think,…that when we die and appear before God on Judgement Day, that our sins will be listed in chronological order or in order of severity, which could be ascending or descending, or alphabetically?”  Well what do you think?

Oh yeah and check out the book… A Scanner Darkly

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Cheesy goodness…

I want one of these to open up here in my hometown: S’Mac !

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Making a list and checking it twice…

I found this fabulous new website.  It’s perfect for the procrastinator that lives inside me who I am trying to excise.  It’s called 43 Things.  I’m going to make a list of all things big and small that I want to do in my life.  The things I want to finish in the near future and the things that I previously only dreamed of.  I’m hoping that I’ll gain inspiration not only to complete my list but to add to it as a result of the networking that this website cultivates.  Let’s hope that the procrastinator in me doesn’t rear it’s ugly head and stopping me before I even begin.

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