Reading a lot lately….

March 23, 2007 at 12:15 am Leave a comment

…so just in case you were looking to pick up something interesting why not share my thoughts on what I have recently put down. 

The first book was called The Interpretation of Murder: A Novel.  The dust jacket design called to me, once I read the inside I knew it was right up my alley.  Not because I am a suspense reader persay but when I am not in the reading mood and I need to stoke those fires brain candy is perfect.  Brain candy that appears to require a brain is all the better.  A book with Freud, Jung and what appears to be the repeat pattern of a psycho sexual predator wandering the streets of Manhattan has to be either fabulous or terrible at least that was my thought process.  I was shockingly incorrect for it was just okay.  There were moments of really good can’t put down and then moments of ugggh you’re kidding me right.  The ending was full of twists and turns but not of the wow variety more of the huh seriously come on variety.  Like suspense/mystery at least check it out I can’t promise you will love it but I can’t promise you won’t.

Next on the list was the most recently released novel by Christopher Moore , one of my favorite comedic writers.  The title elicits a snicker or two by itself  … You Suck: A Love Story.  This is not my favorite book by Christopher Moore but it was a quick and entertaining look at the tragic and tragically funny romance between two recent vampire recruits.   Replete with amusing characters including a blue (yes you read that correct blue) hooker from Vegas, a homless man and his rather large sweater wearing cat, not to mention the most entertaining of all charachters for methe couples minion Abby Normal.  It was one of those finish quick…enjoy the entire time…but not necessarily call up your friends begging them to pick up this book or they will be missing out on something so splendid they could never forgive themselves.  If you are looking for something funny to read as escape from your everyday, pick it up.


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