I hated it then…

August 23, 2006 at 12:20 am Leave a comment

…so I am sure I would absolutely despise it now.  While perusing the web I  became lost as one often does and I stumbled on a news story, that led to a local advertisement which finally dropped me off at the world association for the new favorite American adult pastime (their words not mine) for kickball.  Yep that’s right you did in fact hear me say kickball.  I hated that little game where the big rubber ball came hurdling at me and I was forced to run in the hopes that I didn’t let down my team and get the big blue bruise and welt that came from being hit and called out.  When you are the geeky quiet girl the last thing you want is to let down all the girls on your team because you just want to fit in and you don’t want to let the boys down because if you could just be good at this one little thing they would have a reason to like you especially since there aren’t many reasons based on looks or friends.  So yes I would hate that feeling now to the point of complete disdain.  Who needs that junior high feeling of self loathing when you have outgrown it and aren’t forced to feel it or anything like it any longer.  It’s supposed to be the perk of growing up and being independent.  Yeah I know I am supposed to be a self sufficient, self motivated, self actualized, self assured female who out grew the geeky quiet girl she once was.  Oh and I have.  I have blossomed but every now and then that little feeling creeps back in and a big reminder would be that of the one where you participate in a group activity that was fun for everyone but you because to you it was like shear and utter torture.  Now if you were one of them (the one’s who loved it) go here check it out relive that junior high feeling…The WAKA!


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