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August 8, 2006 at 7:43 pm Leave a comment

I am one of your annoying friends.  The one in the group that has to spoil the fun.  Everyone is excited everyone sets a date a time and a place to see a movie and then I have to pipe in and ruin it with “but it’s based on a book and I haven’t read it yet”.  That’s me the girl who has to read what the author actually intended before Hollywood steps in and wipes it’s greedy Americana picture perfect postcard feet all over it.  I like to know while I am watching that the love story woven within was made up and never part of the true and intended story.  I like to know that they cut out important philisophical points to make it easier for the masses to understand.  And I like to know that above all else unlike most people in the theater seated around me that it actually was a book first.  You know before I read the “based on” line that appears before me once the picture has begun.

The point of this short rant  is that I am dying to see the movie A Scanner Darkly recently released.  I have  a need to see anything that has Richard Linklater involved.  But of course I have to read the book by Philip K. Dick first.  I am right now about halfway through and so far I love it and am hoping that I am not to be disappointed come Sunday.In the book in a passage I just completed a drugged out law sidestepping individual poses a question that at first I found amusing and then I actually pondered.  Religion aside it’s an interesting question.  “Do you think,…that when we die and appear before God on Judgement Day, that our sins will be listed in chronological order or in order of severity, which could be ascending or descending, or alphabetically?”  Well what do you think?

Oh yeah and check out the book… A Scanner Darkly


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