A crisis is the fastest way to your future…

July 27, 2006 at 8:24 pm Leave a comment

Reading through something that I had once written to someone I came across a portion that I feel like sharing.  Many strange and unusual things have been happening in my corner of the world and rereading this made me take new stock.  It didn’t solve anything.  I’m not even sure there is a problem to be solved persay.  But it did make me look at things with a new lens.  Sometimes perspective is half the problem and once it shifts so goes the problems you thought you once had.

“It may be coincidence or the normal flow of life but it seems that everyone around me is stuck in some form of existential quicksand.  We all have our hands on the vine that may enable us to climb out of the murky mess but our feet seem unable to break free forcing us to dwell in this strange state.  Someone once told me during a difficult time in their life that a “crisis is the fastest way to your future”.  I always assumed that the “crisis” in question was a tangible, a happening an event or series of events.  But recently I realized that a “crisis” can be one of pure perception and that there is no time limit imposed.”


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