It won’t help but why not…

 You could win a $2,000 Vivid Impact Ensemble Presented by MAX Factor


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I read somewhere recently, that the average female oppossum  has 13 nipples.  Why I found that interesting not quite sure. But I did and to me it is.  Go figure. 

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Coulda woulda shoulda but didn’t don’t won’t…

One of the most beautiful near full moons was bright, bold, beautiful and part of a crystal clear sky this evening.  My camera was no where to be found.  I always seem to forget, misplace, or am just to lazy to pull it out.  I suppose it is just not meant to be.  Though I wish it were.  It should be a new goal, it could be a new goal and it would be but I know me to well and to fail at one more misguided decision to achieve a goal I never should have set is just one to many.  Laziness is evil….and I’m a sinner }:( 

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Miss Teen USA

I am not sure I understand what the purpose of the Miss Teen USA pageant is.  This isn’t some rant about the over abundance of beauty related images being thrown at our youth everyday. It isn’t even a rant about the idea that we put crowns upon their heads and place them on a pedestal for doing little other than walking right and looking beautiful that somehow the content of their character means little and their intelligence even less.  This is just a simple question…why?  Why do continue to parade this spectacle of nothing on our televisions?  

 Enlighten me.

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My mission and I have already chosen to accept it…

… the new advanced version of the mixed tape a mixed cd.  But it  has a theme.  My sisters and I have decided to once a month exchanage cds with music compiled  for and based on a theme chosen by one of us.  In addition to this we will also burn a second cd to go along as a companion to the first.  This one isn’t based on the same theme this one is the one track over cd.  Every song that we chose to put on the first cd but one track over on the album it originated from. 

 So the first CD theme:  Songs you love but are afraid to admit!  Track listing to be shared soon.

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Leonard Cohen made it….and made it great.  But Rufus Wainwright took it “there” at least he did for me. 

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I had another plan for all of eternity….

…I thought I would be single.  Only Larry David, Only Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

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